Visiting The Alps This Winter? 2 Cities To Choose From & Their Unique Attractions

If you love to ski and have been considering a trip to the Alps to see what this mountain range has to offer, then you may be having trouble deciding which city to visit on your trip. Since the mountain range spans across 8 countries, it can be difficult for any avid skier to decide which city to check out on their first trip to the Alps. 

Read on to learn about two cities that lie along the path of the Alps that travelers love and what each has to offer your family or group of friends. 

1. Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France: Best for Thrill Seekers

If your ski group is made up of advanced skiers ready for their next big challenge, then Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France is a great winter vacation destination for your group. This city lies along some of the highest mountains in the Alps, including Mont Blanc, which is a full 4,810 meters high and the highest mountain in the Alps. 

When your ski group wants a day off from their favorite sport, there are also many other fun and exciting things to do in Chamonix Mont-Blanc. Many visitors love parasailing and paragliding around the many mountains in the city. There is also an additional unique attraction in the city called Step into the Void. This attraction is a glass room with a glass floor that is situated on top of Aiguille du Midi, which is a mountain that is 3842 meters high. Visitors often find it a huge thrill to look down and out along the mountain range while situated so high in the air!

2. Cortina d-Ampezzo, Italy: A Great Destination for Fashion Lovers & Hiking Enthusiasts 

Cortina d-Ampezzo, Italy lies right within the Dolomites mountain range, which is part of the northern Italian Alps and known as one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. This mountain range is made up of 18 peaks, the highest rising to a full 3,000 meters. This makes it an additional great destination for advanced skiers. 

However, this Italian city is also known for its wide array of fashion boutiques, so it is a great destination if your ski group also loves fashion. Another popular tourist destination is Lago Di Sorapiss. This large lake is surrounded by mountains and a popular destination among hikers; a 10 km hike is required to reach the scenic lake, although the hike itself is very scenic and serene. Hikers also love climbing Cascate di Fanes, which is a popular hiking trail that features a beautiful waterfall. 

If you have been thinking of embarking on your first trip to the Alps, yet are unsure which city to visit first, then consider one of these two cities as your first destination. Contact a vacation company, like SwisSkiSafari, for more help.